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Away from the mainstream – back to the roots. A new spirit of the age is emerging. Or rather, an old one returns. We rediscover the values and craft of skilled artisans: their dedication and passion for quality and detail, and their selection of materials – mostly nature given, like wood, wool, or leather. We give again special meaning and preference to handcrafted objects over commodity items, mass-produced on assembly lines.

Solid wood material and traditional craftsmanship harmonize effectively into CRAFTWAND® but there is nothing rustic either in its appearance or performance. The basic geometric form of the elements in CRAFTWAND®, pure cube shapes, create a sense of order and essential quality in their repetition, reminiscent of minimalist design ideas and modern aesthetics.

The authentic nature of wood with color accents, knots, cracks and splits is integrated in the design and represents sustainability, highlighting the green concept inspiring CRAFTWAND®.

The modular construction of CRAFTWAND® sets it apart in the world of decorative wood wall design. The individual wood modules are crafted with an invisible interlocking solution which enables an easy and highly ingenious wall assembly and, as the case may be, a similarly effortless dismantling and reconstructing in a different place or position. With few tools, some dowel pins and screws, but no glues, CRAFTWAND®’s simple mounting and nonetheless functional and indestructible qualities is a testimony for “less is more”. Moreover, the natural diversity of wood patterns and the dynamic of countless combinative arrangements between different wood modules stand for “wood is more”.