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Although a wall is generally associated with a sheltering function, it is as often perceived as part of the home. A part of our private space; a part of our intimacy. As what surrounds us, defines us, we cover it with paintings and other collectibles trying to achieve a sense of satisfaction in being able to personalize it. Alternatively, we can decide on CRAFTWAND® . Take the wood blocks, combine them, recompose them, find new possibilities in them, and turn the source material into a home-crafted wall. Make your design ideas, transformations, partitions, extensions, room dividers, view barriers, small walls or tall walls, long walls or short walls, whether for self-expression or pragmatic household necessity. Nature invades our living space as CRAFTWAND®, with its unique wood characteristics, migrates into our immediate proximity, providing both physical and emotional comfort.

CRAFTWAND® adds a bit of an edge to a modern futuristic living space. The wood material with its beautiful display of natural imperfections and colorations makes a stylish interior feel comfortable, inviting, and eco-friendly.