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The CRAFTWAND® modular wood wall system consists of solid beech wood modules with an in-built fastening solution, which makes it simple to assemble interior non-structural walls. Simply lock the modules together and reinforce them using dowel pins and screws. CRAFTWAND® can be easily constructed, dismantled and reconstructed, and it adapts to residential, commercial, hospitality, and corporate environments.

There are:

  • eight basic modules which can be combined in fixed or random patterns, and
  • specialized grooved modules for floor/ceiling/main wall affixing or incorporation of pipes and cables for invisible connections; additionally,
  • various feature modules combine functionality with aesthetic design

Made of solid beech (Fagus Sylvatica). With a cross-section of 150 x 150 mm, the modules are planed and finely sanded. Edges are smoothed (3 mm chamfer). The modules are finally given an oil finish. CRAFTWAND®can be built wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling or as a partial wall structure connected only to the floor or to a main wall. It can be installed having one or more angles for partitioning purposes, T-shape style, Z-shape, U-shape, or L-shape.