an intelligent and modular wall system 1 crafted from massive 2 and untamed 3 wood 4. easy to build up 5 and highly functional 6.
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Bedroom decor»

Bedroom decorative wall ideas

The bedroom does not only offer a retreat from everyday stresses. As is the case with all other rooms in the house, your bedroom decor makes a statement, which can be…

Dining room divider»

Dining room dividers

CRAFTWAND® divider wall creates a spectacular contrast in a simple, bright, minimalist kitchen and dining space. Large windows fill the room with solar light while the wood wall’s massive construction…

The wild cannot...»

The wild cannot be planned.

What is the chance of two zebras to share the same stripe pattern? None. Nature is unpredictable and never repetitive and that’s why all natural materials are so preciously unique. Wood…

Redress time»

Redress time.

Conclusive studies show that the final decision to buy or not to buy happens in the changing room inside the shop. The average cubicle with its tedious, sometimes suffocating, setting might…

Office partitions»

Movable partition walls for office

CRAFTWAND® adapts to every interior, including private or executive offices, work and training rooms, conference spaces, as well as room dividers to organize open spaces. The modular nature of the system…

The innovation»

The innovation

The CRAFTWAND® modular wood wall system consists of solid beech wood modules with an in-built fastening solution, which makes it simple to assemble interior non-structural walls. Simply lock the modules together…

Feature modules»

Feature modules

CRAFTWAND®‘s diverse feature modules combine functionality with design and represent optional alternative developed with special cut-outs and embedded features for various functional or embellishment purposes. For keys or other small paraphernalia,…

Sculpted by nature»

Sculpted by nature.

Wood is nothing like plastic or other artificial materials. It bares the signs and marks of time passing year after year and weather changes season after season. It is just like…

Basic modules»

Basic modules

CRAFTWAND® modular system is mainly based on a series of 8 different solid wood modules with fixed size formats and designs – the basic modules. The modules have a cross-section size…

Fastening system»

Fastening system

CRAFTWAND® is based on 8 additional specialized modules for floor/ceiling/main wall fastening as well as for invisible inclusion of pipes and cables.The modules have a cross-section size 150 x 150 mm…



Away from the mainstream – back to the roots. A new spirit of the age is emerging. Or rather, an old one returns. We rediscover the values and craft of skilled…

Wall design ideas»

Wall design ideas for eco-chic living

Although a wall is generally associated with a sheltering function, it is as often perceived as part of the home. A part of our private space; a part of our intimacy….