Craftwand® joins DGNB

June 29, 2016

DGNB – the German Sustainable Building Council aims to promote sustainable and economically efficient building. With more than 1,200 members globally representing the entire value chain of the construction and real-estate sectors: architects, planners, the construction industry, investors and scientists, DGNB has built a strong know-how in sustainability issues, which is made accessible to construction professionals through events, media and training sessions.
Sustainability in DGNB’s view comes as an obligation of the whole of society to take responsibility for current problems such as climatic change and resource depletion instead of taking no action and leaving them for future generations to deal with.
We recognize the importance of sustainable considerations and today we join DGNB in their ongoing effort of campaigning for such goals through education.
We are pleased to be part of DGNB world and to offer Craftwand® as a sustainable interior wall solution for an eco-environment.

» DGNB member certificate.pdf