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  • Crafted for Comfort
  • Johaness Wolf
  • The Wild can not be Planned
  • Design Sample
  • The Modular Wood Wall System
  • Sculpted by Nature

Away from the mainstream – back to the roots. A new spirit of the age is emerging. Or rather, an old one returns. We rediscover the values and craft of skilled artisans: their dedication and passion for quality and detail, and their selection of materials – mostly nature given, like wood, wool, or leather. We give again special meaning and preference to handcrafted objects over commodity items, mass-produced on assembly lines.

Order your copy of the CRAFTWAND® Image brochure now and find out how Solid wood material and traditional craftsmanship harmonize effectively into craftwand®. The basic geometric form of the elements in CRAFTWAND®, pure cube shapes, create a sense of order and essential quality in their repetition, reminiscent of minimalist design ideas and modern aesthetics.

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