Because we care.

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The forest: it’s the foundation of our lives and our homes, today and in the future, and it must be treated with care. The wood: it’s a natural, renewable, non-toxic, recyclable and bio-degradable material. When sourced from well-managed forests, wood is the natural building material of choice. The mission we have: to use this sustainable resource responsibly.

Our company is committed to purchasing logs and timber products from legal sources. We recognize that the independent certification of forests and the supply chain is the most useful tool for providing assurances that wood comes from legal and sustainably managed forests. That‘s why our raw material procurement is heavily biased towards the forests of county Caras-Severin in Romania, which are all certified under the fsc certification scheme. We also have achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certificate SGS-COC-008875.

Our company processes and supplies solid wood products, which are a renewable, low energy, low environmental impact alternative to other conventional house building products. The energy required to dry and manufacture our wood products comes from sawmill offcuts and wood residues, used as fuel in a biomass boiler.

We also endeavor to reduce wood waste by continually striving to salvage parts of the logs previously considered unacceptable and discarded. Many of our products, CRAFTWAND® too, have been designed to purposely include and exhibit natural imperfections and irregularities which are an acknowledgement of the value of the forest resource.

All this, because we care.